Company Registration in Electronic City Consultant provides all registration in Bangalore metro-city, Anyone beginning to establish a firm, a new start-up or a company in India needs to get its record. To acquire any company registered, certain plan of action laid down by the ministry of corporate affairs are to be followed for online organization registration. along with its highly Counsultry experienced team provides easy online company registration on the go! We house skilled professionals and are extremely reliable when it comes to company registration in Bangalore.

Minimum 2 Promoter: A company is often registered in Electronic City, by a minimum of 2 persons, the company act 2013 shall act because of the initial directors/shareholders of the corporate. The most variety of shareholders is two hundred and therefore the company will have up to fifteen directors.

Resident Director: One director of the corporate should be a resident in Electronic City. Someone is claimed to be resident if he or she stays in Electronic City for a minimum of 182 days throughout the preceding twelvemonth regardless of their citizenship. The times of keep are often in phases.

No Minimum Capital demand: Invest as per the need of your business, and there’s no minimum capital demand per se Pvt. Ltd. restricted registration be maintained within the company. However, the govt. fee on company registration is calculated on the capital.

Unique Name of Company: The planned name of the corporate shouldn’t correspond to any existing company or LLP. Further, you want to check the trademark register to make sure that the name doesn’t match with any registered or applied trademark in Electronic City:

Procedure Company Registration in Electronic City:

Get your company record while sitting at home online. There are four steps involved in getting your company registered:

  1. Acquiring the director identification number: The administrator of the company needs to obtain the identification number. It is compulsory for a director to acquire DIN. DIN-1 is acquired by filling up a form that is available at the official site of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs Register yourself on the Ministry of Corporate Affairs site through login id. Fill up required Director Identification Number -1 e-form and upload in on the Ministry of Corporate Affairs website by clicking on the desired upload button. Pay the necessary application fee thereafter After getting the Director Identification Number -1 pin, the director needs to intimate the company about the same by filling form Director Identification Number -2. Then, form Director Identification Number -3 is filled to intimate the registrar of corporates (DOC) about all the director’s pin. Inform Director Identification Number -4 is filled in case there is a need to update the information filled in Director Identification Number -1 form about like a change of address, name, etc.
  2. Acquiring the Digital signature certificate: Acquiring a digital signature certificate is important to ensure the authenticity of the documents filed computerized. The information act 2000 demands a valid Digital signature certificate for the same. The Digital signature certificate should be acquired by only those agencies that are appointed by the authority of certification agencies. If you have a digital trademark certification, you don’t need to apply for it again, contributed the validity of the signature has not expired. Some of the government-approved agencies from where the digital signature certificate can be acquired are TCS, MTNL, NIC, IDBRT, etc.

Form 1-A: It is the application form for the accessibility of the change in the company’s name. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs provides 4 replacement company names affiliated to your company, from which you have to choose any one of them. You need to submit the form 1-A and submit to choose the same.

Form 18:  It is filled to admit the situation of the new company office or change of the previously registered office.

How to Get a Company Registration in Electronic City?

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