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Company Registration Services is one of the main Company registration forms of India, which on condition that company registration in India at a low-cost price with complete customer fulfillment. Our company registration in India services is on condition that protection decided by the government to the business entities to reduce the probability of getting the superiority of the business. We are on condition that company registration in Bangalore, which has given complete customer fulfillment by contribution to their services at low-cost. Price according to the client’s necessity and expectations. Our main objective is to enhance the client achievement thorough providing company registration services in Madiwala.

  1. Different Name: The Company must have a unique name. In India Ministry of Corporate Affairs Gives name approval of the Company. The name Must be Different and should not resemble a registered Trademark in India.
  2. Least Two administrators: As per Indian law there should be 2 Share Holders to form a Private Limited Company in Bangalore and one of them must be Indian Resident.
  3. Office Address: Office Address in India is a must to inventory Company in India. Copy of rent compliance or Electricity bill along with No Objection Certificate from the property owner is enough to build address proof of company.
  4. Low paid-up capital: A Lowest of Rs. One Lakh (USD 1500 approx.) is necessary as Capital to register a Private Limited Company in India but after Registration, this Money can be used by the company for incurring day to day expenses.
  5. Minimum Two bondholders: As per Indian law, there should be two bondholders to form a Private Limited Company in India. Whatever Directors can also bondholder so only 2 isolates are necessary to form the company in Madiwala.

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