GST Registration in Bommanahalli – Goods and Service Tax is an indirect tax which is for India on the support of products and administration. It could be a all-inclusive multirole goal based assess comprehensive since it has comprehend nearly all the indirect taxes but in some multi-staged because it is forced at each step within the generation arrange, but is meant to be discounted to all parties within the different stages of reproduction other than the ultimate customer. It is a compulsory rule under the Government of India, who basically want to save tax and prevents oneself from the cascading effect of tax.

Is that compulsory to pay Goods Service Tax?

Yes, it is compulsory for every one tax payer to pay Goods Service Tax who is registered under the Good Service Tax regime.

Look at the Difference between CGST/SGST/IGST?

CGST and IGST is levied by Central Government, whereas SGST is levied by State Government. CGST and SGST is to be paid for the Intra-State Supply, whereas IGST is to be paid for Inter-State Supply.

Goods Service Tax rate?

Goods and services are bifurcated into five different heads of tax slabs for collection of tax – 0%, 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%

What is the full form of CGST, SGST, IGST?

The full form of SGST– State Goods and Service Tax IGST– Integrated Goods and Service Tax CGST– Central Goods and Service Tax

Is That limit to be considered under the GST law?

limit to be considered under Goods Service  Tax laws are dissimilar for the different categories:

Sales – 40 lakhs

Service– 20 lakhs

Is there any mandatory to visit the Good Service Tax Department with my paper for any verification?

Destination based tax or consumption tax are levied where goods and services are being consumed. In spend –based taxation, exports are considered together with No taxes whereas full value are taxed on par with the reproduction done in the domestic basis.

What are fine for not registering Good Service Tax?

If there is delay in filing Goods Service Tax, the penalty charged if Rs 200/- per day. There is no such late fees charged in Goods and Services Tax   IGST

If the GSTR is not Filed, then there will be a penalty of Ten (10% )of Tax due or Rs 10,000, Whatever is earlier

If someone has committed fraud, then there will be a penalty of Hundred (100%) of the tax due or Rs 10,000 Whatever is earlier

What is Composition Scheme?

Composition Scheme is a simple development under the Goods Service Tax law for all the taxpayers, so that they can get rid of the challenging formalities and have to pay the Goods Service Tax at a fixed rate stand on on the turnover. This scheme is opted by the taxpayer whose turnover is less than Rs One 1.0 crore. But now the The Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs  (CBIC) has notified the increase to the threshold limit is from Rs One 1.0 Crore to Rs. 1.5 Crores. The limit is now Rs 75 lakh. The applicable GST rate under the composition scheme is 1% of the rate of annual turnover, in case of producer or traders(Goods).

How to get GST Registration in Bommanahalli?

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