Startup Company Registration in Banashankari consultant square measure objective to produce a finish to finish solutions within the life cycle of a business. The goal is to assist entrepreneurs to float their venture with a business structure that may suit them best. Startup company registration in Banashankari, starting from registering your business, protective your holding, serving to you discover a technology partner, digital selling support and everything a start-up desires, thereby serving to you save important time and cash. Startup company registration back to a date in terms of the sheer variety of entrepreneurs that have a tendency to don’t bear in mind a lot of before the introduction of Startup Company in Banashankari. Initially, the government has set-up Start-up India hubs where all the works related to incorporation, registration, complaint processing, etc. Secondly, employment and an online entrance is set-up by the government to facilitate registration from anywhere and anytime. Thirdly, the obvious acquisition and registration is now fast for the start-ups. Lastly, according to the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Bill, 2015 facilitates fast winding up of the start-ups. A new startup can wind-up itself within Ninety days of the incorporation.

  1. Financial profit

Most of the start-ups are patent-based. It means they generate or provide unique goods or services. In order to register their patents, they have to incur a heavy cost which is known as the Patent Cost. Under this system, the government contributes eighty rebates on the patent costs. Furthermore, the process of patent registration and related is quick for them. Also, the govt. pays the fees of the supporter to get the patent.

  1. Income Tax Profit

Start-ups enjoy a good amount of profit under the Income Tax head. The government excused their Three years gains tax post the incorporation year. But they can avail it only after getting a document from the Inter-Ministerial Board. Also, they can claim exemption from tax on the Capital increase if they invest money in specified funds.

  1. Registration Profit

Everyone believes that incorporation and registration of Commerce are far more difficult than running it. It is because of the long and complicated steps of registration. Beneath the Start-up Republic of India system, employment is there to facilitate registration. One meeting is organized at the Start-up Republic of India hub. Also, there’s one doubt and problem-solving window for them.

  1. Government Tenders

everybody seeks to receive Government tenders because of high Revenue and large projects. But it is not easy to receive the government tenders. Under this scheme, the start-ups get superiority in getting government tenders. Also, they are not required to have any previous knowledge.

  1. Massive Networking Opportunities

Networking Opportunities mean the chance to meet with different startup shareholders at an individual place and time. The government contributes this chance by running Two start-ups fests annually (both at domestic as well as the international level).

The Start-up India scheme also contributes to intelligent Property knowledge workshops and awareness.

Eligibility for Registration under Start-up India Scheme

  1. initially, the company to be formed must be a private limited company or a limited liability partnership firm.
  2. Furthermore, the firms should have obtained Acceptance from the Department of Industrial Policy and advancement.
  3. Triply, it must have a recommendation letter by cultivation.
  4. The firm must contribute to innovative Plans or merchandise.
  5. It should be a new firm or not aged than five years.
  6. The total volume of the company should be not increased by 25 crores.
  7. Finally, it should not be a result of splitting up, or reconstruction, of a business already in actuality.

Challenges faced by Start-up India

  1. People normally believe start-ups are just about thinking about a new idea or plan. But in actuality, perform of such plan is more mandatory than just thinking about it.
  2. The view or perspective of the authority on the start-up India plan is perfectly short-term in-universe. It does not look at the long-term path of the start-ups.
  3. For the achievement of any new business, a competent workforce is essential. But in the case of start-ups, expert manpower is not achievable due to the lack of investment firm at the beginning phase.

How to get Startup Company Registration in Banashankari?

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