Startup Company Registration in Madiwala Consultant provides services entire Bangalore metropolis city. Startup Company registration is the Government of India inaugurated the Startup India Scheme under the direction of The Startup India Registration process was come out with to nurture and encourage the growth of start-ups in India. This plan of action offers much assistance to the start-ups that register under it The scheme has a broad vision of improvement of the economy along with the creation of job opportunities in the In Our Nation.

What is the qualified for Startup India plan of action?

The qualified benchmark for start-up India scheme is as follows A Registered Company or limited liability partnership or Partnership Firm The business must be recorded under any of the following forms of the business institution in India a) As a Private Limited Company under the Companies Act, 2013 b) record as a Partnership Firm under the Indian Partnership Act, 1932 c) Registered as a Limited Liability Partnership under the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008. income Limit The income of the business must be less than Twenty-Five crores per year Less than Five years old The age of business from the date of registration must not be of more than Five years Must be a New Business Entity The business must not be an outcome of break or construction of an existing business The government offers much assistance to start-ups under the umbrella of start-up India scheme The following assistance is available under this Scheme.

  1. Tax assistance Income Tax exemptions for three years
  2. Self-Certification Startup gets the assistance of self-certification of conformity with nine labor laws & situation laws.
  3. Rebate in Patent categorize Startup will contribute Eighty Percent refund when they file for a patent application
  4. Rebate in logo categorizes the government will provide a fifty Percent rebate on emblem categorize to start-ups under this scheme.
  5. Business chance the platform on condition that support and identification to new start-ups and made them able to compete with set-up business houses.

Step 1- Business Incorporation phase

This step is for professions that are not yet included or record under the proprietorship form of a business company. It is compulsory to inventory as a Private Limited Company or a Limited Liability Partnership or a Registered Partnership Firm nevertheless, there is no extra registration step for the Startup India plan of action while including any of the above-discussed business forms

Step 2- Initiate the Startup Company Registration in Madiwala procedure:

The process of registration in start-up India is online. This procedure is executed on the of Startup India Scheme The start-up needs to fill a form comprising query related to business operations and future goals furthermore, certain documents are necessary to be uploaded to complete the procedure A Letter of guidance A recommendation letter must be submitted along with the registration form. Constitutes a letter of recommendation for Startup Company registration are any of the following will be assent as a letter of recommendation a. A letter from an incubator gets going at a post-graduate college in India b. A letter of finance of not less than Twenty Percent in equity by any angel shareholder. Cultivation or angel fund, angel network duly registered with SEBI c. Letter of finance from government (Central or State) d. A patent filed and already published in the Indian Patent Office Journal.

How to get Startup Company Registration in Madiwala?

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