Startup Company Registration in Yelahanka Consultant provides services in the Bangalore Metro-City that will drive sustainable economic growth and generate large scale employment opportunities. The Start-up revolution is taking place with a storm in India and NO, it’s not because of TVF’s Pitchers or Wolf of Wall Street. The start-ups were events in India long previous to the emergence of both the ventures. Just the kind of hype start-ups are getting due to greater internet and smartphone penetration in both urban and rural areas is aggressive Our nation has emerged as the 3rd country in the Global, among global start-up ecosystems with 4200 start-ups after the U.S and UK. Also, the number of active expenditures has got bigger from 220 to 490. The middle-class young brains are not lagging behind with the old thinking of Nine to Five jobs. They are ready to take risks with creative and imaginative ideas. Along with unique and innovative ideas, businessmen need tonnes of other things. Then the inquiry emerges- How the administration is playing a role in the making of tomorrow’s millionaires? The Modi government had launched a Start-up India program to inspire businessmen in India premature this year. There are things we need to know previous to we judge the initiative. The Start-up India is an action plan started by the Modi government to promote and nurture businessman across the Our Nation. The plan is mainly based on an action plan aimed to promote bank investment for start-ups to boost entrepreneurship and encourage start-ups with job creation. The Start-up India campaign was first announced by Prime Minister Modi in his address from the Red Fort and later set in motion premature year.

The objective behind the introduction of self-registration of start-ups through a mobile app is to lower the managerial burden on Start-ups. Traditional registration necessary various formalities and labor and environmental laws that consume time. Often, new and small ventures are unaware of the procedure of registration and get discouraged due to waste of time in the whole procedure. With the Start-up India, a process has become easier and faster with self-registration on a mobile app and also, the examination conducted in the traditional process has been eliminated. The new registration procedure is so much easier that one can register the company in a day.

Start-up India Hub’s role in boosting start-ups:

The need for a genuine friend, guide, and mentor to hold the hand of the young Indians and walk with them has been taken care with the introduction of the Start-up India Hub. To improve the ease of doing business in India, the government has created the Start-up India Hub, which will be a single contact point for start-up founders and will help the businessman in interchange knowledge and accessing financial aid with the other innovators on a grand level. It will be a key stakeholder and will work in a hub and combination with Central and State governments, foreign and Indian VCs, angel networks, banks, incubators and assist start-ups through their life cycle.

How to get Startup Company Registration in Yelahanka?

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